Small town charm

Right where the river passes Nyköpingshus and flows into the harbour, new waterfront homes are cropping up alongside 18th-century heritage buildings. Join in on daily city foot tours in summer.

Expert guides talk about architecture, the industries that built the nation’s prosperity,
everyday life and special occasions, politics and the people who lived in Nyköping
then and now. You’ll also discover the city’s public art. Restaurants, bakeries, artisan
shops and modern shopping centres line the shopping street and the banks of the river in the heart of the city. Keep an eye on what’s on and take part in the fun!

Take a walk on your own along Nyköpingsån and don´t miss:

  • Fåfängan Culture & Garden Café.
  • The old Brewery. Collection of artists and artisans.
  • The NK Villa (The Nordic Company).
  • Hamnbodarna (Harbour huts). Porthouse,
  • Nyköpings Ljusfabrik, Rökeriet, Hantverksgruppen Sörmland.
  • Art galleries.
  • Tovastugan Café and restaurant.Nyköpingshus Castle.