Forest bathing with live handpan-music

Experience the forest with open senses. I invite you to a couple of exercices, a forest meditation and live handpan-music in nature.

Forest bathing is to be practiced without a bathtub or swimming cloths. It is about "bathing in the forest air" as the japanese "Shinrin Yoku" can be translated. 

After a short introduction we will go into the forest and I will invite you to a couple of exercises for opening your senses and raising your awareness. I will as well guide you through a meditation and play the handpan for you in the forest. 
Limited places available. Please make your reservation.
The price is decided by yourself. In the end you will be asked to give a donation (cash or swish). You can decide upon how much you liked the experience and upon your economical situation.

Cloths have to be adapted to the weather and should be warmer than for a walk/hike, since we will be moving quite slowly.

The event can be cancelled if the weather is too bad (heavy rain, storm, thunderstorm). 

Please bring a seat pad with you. 

The exercices and meditation will be guided in english. However, we can communicate in swedish and german as well. 
For registration: 
+46 (0)76 0810511

Happy to invite you into the forest,


busstation Inneberga, small parking


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