Kolmården - the largest wildlife park in Scandinavia

Kolmården is home to more than 750 animals from all over the world, and the wildlife park is one of Scandinavia’s most popular destinations. Kolmården has something for the whole family, including world-class shows and displays with dolphins and birds of prey, the world’s biggest wooden rollercoaster and, of course, The World of Bamse.

One of the highlights is the “Life” dolphin show, where you are guaranteed to fall in love with the dolphins. Another popular attraction is the Safari gondola ride, which is the only one of its kind in the world, where you glide through the air above the park and see the savannah spread out below you.

For children, the World of Bamse is definitely not to be missed, where they can meet the world’s kindest bear and his friends. New this year is Bamse’s flying carpet!
Plan your visit and adventure now! You can visit the park for a day or even two days – there is a variety of places to stay in Nyköping so you will perhaps have time to visit the park and do something nice in the surrounding area.

Map of  Kolmården wildlife park.

Tiger World

Tiger World lets you get so close to a tiger that you can practically feel it breathing. The glass in the windows of the long tunnel is the only thing separating you from the tigers.

Elephant presentations

The Colosseum is home to Kolmården’s much-loved elephants, including the cute baby, Namsai. Join the keepers for a presentation to learn more about the individual elephants and the species, plus a demonstration of how to train an elephant.


Marine World and the World of Bamse include lots of fun rides for kids. Two thrilling roller coasters, two rocking ships and cars on rails, to name a few. Our youngest visitors will enjoy Bamse’s honeypot merry-go-round. 


The Safari gondola lets you experience wild animals at incredibly close quarters in a way that’s not possible in any other wildlife park on earth. Glide weightlessly above the landscape, listing to the wind singing in the treetops, while bears, moose, giraffes and lions roam below you.

Dolphin Show “Life”

The Dolph in Show “Life” has proved a tremendous hit with thousands of people worldwide. Look forward to a world-class show full of laughter, thrills, emotional tension and enthralling performances.

World of Bamse

The World of Bamse comes to life here at Kolmården. Experience the sights and sounds of this magical world over 20,000 square metres filled with rides, play areas, parkland, shops and food courts.



For information and reservation, please call +46 10 708 7000 or visit kolmarden.com.