Skjutskepparhusen, gamla färgglada trähus

Small town charm

Right where the river passes Nyköpingshus and flows into the harbour, new waterfront homes are cropping up alongside 18th-century heritage buildings. Join in on daily city foot tours in summer.

Expert guides talk about architecture, the industries that built the nation’s prosperity, everyday life and special occasions, politics and the people who lived in Nyköping then and now. You’ll also discover the city’s public art. Restaurants, bakeries, artisan shops and modern shopping centres line the shopping street and the banks of the river in the heart of the city. Keep an eye on what’s on and take part in the fun!

Take a walk in the city

Do you have an hour or three? Make the most out of your stay and visit the highlights of Nyköping. 
We have Town walks available in seven different languages. 

  • 1. Behmbron Beautiful old bridge over Nyköpingsån.
  • 2. Bryggeriet You will find several craftspeople and artists selling and exhibiting art in various forms at Bryggeriet on Behmbrogatan.
  • 3.NK-villan Cultural centre with various exhibitions, and a lunchtime restaurant and café.
  • 5.Nyköpingshus Medieval Renaissance castle, most famous for the feast in 1317. Climb up the steps of the Kungstornet (King’s tower) and learn about the kings who lived here and life in the middle ages.
  • 6. Nyköpingshamn The meeting place of the summer with cafés, jumble sales, restaurants and boutiques.
  • 7. Minigolf 18 hole mini-golf course open in the summer.
  • 8. Graffitivägg The graffiti wall was established in 2012 and is open to anyone who wants to paint.
  • 9. Lekplatsen i hamnen Nyköpings biggest playground, which also has beach volleyball courts and barbecue areas.
  • 10. Piren Walk along the pier and see all the boats sailing towards Nyköping’s harbour.
  • 11. Östra bergen The east belfry is located on the hill and there is a fine view of the city from here.
  • 12. Alla Helgona kyrka An old stone church dating from the 1200s located in an area rich in cultural history.
  • 13. Prosten Pihls gård A rectory dating back to the 1700s. During the summer you can drink coffee in the beautiful garden.
  • 14. Storhusfallet Walk over the bridge and Storhusfallet waterfall which is 4 metres high and serves as a power source. You can also see the salmon ladder and beautiful sculptures here.
  • 15. Stora torget The historical buildings used by the leaders from four different periods are located here. The yellow building is a town hall and was built in 1723. The tourist office is inside the building. The city hall and the royal residence are also around the main square.
  • 16. S: t Nicolai kyrka One of Nyköping’s medieval churches, probably founded in the 1100s. The bell tower behind the residence is the city’s oldest building which survived the 1719 fire.
  • 17. Culturum Concert and cultural centre and library
  • 19. Forsen Old wool spinning mill. St. Anne Kvarn, which dates back to the 1400s, is also located here.
  • 20. Folkungavallen An old stadium from the early 1900s.
  • 21. Fåfängan Visit an idyllic, verdant area at the edge of Hållet nature reserve. You can sit down in the cosy garden café and have a coffee here.
  • 22. Magasinet The building was built in 1923 and used as a warehouse for the textile industry. Today you can visit a cultural centre here.
  • 23. Kråkberget Walk to the top of the hill and enjoy the nice view. You can see all of the city and some way out over the harbour from here. There are places where you can sit down and barbecue areas so that you can enjoy a wonderful picnic.
  • 24. Gripsholmsparken A beautiful area with lots of different types of vegetation. During the winter the park is lit by a lighted trail and sculptures.
  • 25. Östra storgatan Lots of small shops selling second-hand items, furnishings, as well as a selection of cafés and restaurants.
  • 26. Sparbanken One of Nyköping’s most beautiful buildings built in 1898.
  • 27. Stadsbron Walk across a historical cultural monument. Nyköpingsån flows under the bridge.