Outdoor adventures

Walking trails and cycle routes take you to the seaside, into enchanting woodlands and up steep cliffs. Set out on little everyday adventures on the outskirts of the city, or put your stamina to the test with a wilderness weekend.

Archipelago life

One of the east coast’s wildest archipelagos lies just outside Nyköping.

The Stendörren nature reserve is many people’s favourite spot and, once you’ve begun exploring, you’ll long to come back again. In an archipelago with thousands of islands, it’s not difficult to find your own personal paradise. If you have your own boat, there are many natural harbours to choose from and, if you prefer kayaking, you can discover places where you can feel like you’re the first person to set foot there since the last ice age.

At Stendörren, you can experience the archipelago without needing a boat. Walk across the suspension bridges to reach the islands and views of the open sea. Facilities include a visitor centre, picnic areas, hiking trails, places to light fires, telephones and toilets, as well as a separate path suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Sävö is the most northern island in the group of islands, Hartsö-Ringsö-Långö-Sävö, southeast of the bay Tvären about 20 kilometers from Nyköping. The island is situated about 300 meters from the small wharf Källvik and you reach the island by boat or canoe.

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation on the island, among them swimming, fishing and hiking. The trail Sörmlandsleden, marked by orange paint, will take you for a three kilometer walk along forest grazings, hay meadows and rocks with a great long distance view when the sky is clear.

Nävekvarn - small community at Bråviken. During the summer months you´ll find camping, marina, fish sales, tourist office, cafes and B & Bs. School, shop and petrol / diesel for cars and boats with land prices are available all year round. Hike on the Sörmland Trail on the small island of Näset or take a longer walk on the cliffs along the coast. Jump from the cliffs and go for a swim!


Paddle – be on the lookout for seals and eagles! Get close to the sea and archipelago islands in a kayak. See eagles and seals, picnic on an island and swim off cliffs. If you would rather paddle in calmer waters, try canoeing on a river or inland lake.

Kayak rental


Näckrosleden, the bicycle trail Näckrosleden passes through Sörmland county and is divided into 14 sections. One section is suitable for a one-day trip. The trail is marked with yellow signs along the way. See the different stage of the map and the whole trail. 

Fly & Bike, to rent your bike and other outdoor equipment visit Skavsta Adventure prior to your arrival

Sverigeleden, Sweden trail is intended for all cycling tourists. It connects the major ferry ports and are therefore easy to reach. The roads are quiet and the traffic is of good standard. The roads along the Sweden trail is easy cycling. Docking rate for each section is indicated in the chart booklets (on a graduated scale 1-5).  Read more about cycling in Sweden at Sweden by bike

Discover the city by bike, rent a bike and get your map at the local Tourist office in town. Want to discover the main sites of Nyköping or perhaps the best playgrounds? We have a map for everyone. Read more and get your map Read more about biking and rental


Sörmland Trail

The Sörmlandsleden, or Sörmland Trail, is 1,000 kilometres long, and several sections go through the Nyköping area. Follow the orange paint on trees or posts. At road crossings, the trail is marked with S arrows. Visit the Sörmland Trail website and become a member, which gives you access to maps and useful information about trails, drinking water and overnight facilities.

Along the rout there are more than 50 overnight shelters and a number of youth hostels or similar accomendation.
Long-distance walkers are recommended to bring tents as the path sometimes goes through long stretches of uninhabited countryside with no access to other accommondation.

Detailed maps of each section are available on our web-site for members using a password. You may also find tain tourist maps useful.

a number of natural wells are found along the path. Quality and quantity cannot be guaranteed. 

Visit www.sormlandsleden.se for more information.


Lake and sea fishing 

  • Fishing in Nyköpingsån – in the town centre. Fish for perch, bream, pike, pike-perch and sea trout in Nyköpingsån. Fly fishing, spin fishing and coarse fishing are popular pastimes in and around town during the fishing season which is 1/1–14/9. Fishing permits for Nyköpingsån are available from the Nyköping Tourist Information.
  • Fishing in Nävsjön. Nävsjön is approx 80 hectares in size and lies approx 19 km southwest of Nyköping in an area of natural beauty. The northern part has been provided with gravel paths to enable those with a disability to get about more easily. There is year-round fishing. Fishing permits are available from fishing permit machines which take cash or Swish and are situated in the large carpark at the northern end of the lake.
  • Sea Fishing Nyköping has a long coastline where you can fish in the sea all year round free of charge.

The Right of Public Access

When you are in Sweden you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land with the exception of private gardens, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. 

The Right of Public Access is a unique right to roam freely in the countryside. But with this right come responsibilities – to take care of nature and wildlife and to show consideration for landowners and for other people enjoying the countryside. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sums up the Right of Public Access in the phrase ‘Don’t disturb – Don’t destroy.’ 

Read more about the right of public accesse.