Svandammen framför Nyköpings hus.

Nyköpingshus castle

Nyköpingshus castle is situated where the water runs into the harbour. The King’s Tower is the most visible portion of what was once the great showplace of Duke Karl (later Karl IX). With its white tower and black tower roof, it is a Nyköping landmark.

On the ramparts, children celebrate the last day of school, go sledding or have picnics. People can walk their dogs here, watch the swans in the pond, watch summer theatre performances or visit a museum.

Nyköping Castle is an obvious meeting place for inveterate Nyköping locals as well as visitors. Climb the King’s Tower – past the large rat that spread the bubonic plague – into the castle keep and up the stairs to see swords, daggers and other medieval weapons used by knights and warriors.

Opening hours

Open every dag from june until end of august. From september - may every sunday 11 pm to 5 am.

The exhibits are exciting for both young and old. Don’t miss the museum shop. Free entrance.

For more information go to Sörmland Museum webb-site.